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A frozen yogurt incarnation to serve your taste buds

Looking for something scrumptious, yet nutritious to end your meal? That is when we, at Red Berry Frozen Yogurt , begin by creating an endearing experience for you with our frozen yogurt. Started in 2013 in New Jersey with an aim of offering frozen yogurt as a healthy substitute for desserts, we have come a long way in enticing the taste buds of our customers and visitors, particularly, children.

Our self-serve outlets in Plainsboro, New Jersey witness a constant stream of loyal customers all through the year. They get absolutely creative while crafting their own frozen yogurt by choosing from the various flavors of Red Berry Frozen Yogurt and the multifarious toppings. 

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Redberry’s frozen yogurt delicacies are prepared from high quality ingredients to keep the taste and nutrition value intact. To ensure that it is the best substitute for ice-creams, our Froyo is blended with care to bring the rich, smooth, creamy texture.

Truly Yogurt 

We do not attempt to merely imitate any natural yogurt. We make yogurt that is truly cultured and fermented. It contains a high count of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures that aid in digestion and maintenance of good health. People who are lactose - intolerant can relish Redberry froyo without hesitation.

Nutritive Boost

Redberry’s froyo is not any ice-cream mix sprinkled with cultures. We are 100% yogurt. Our fat-free frozen yogurt contains less than 0.5 g of dairy butter fat per serving. Depending on the frozen yogurt flavor chosen, the calorie count is between 100 and 110. The low sodium and low cholesterol factors make it a great option for bingeing without guilt. 

Redberry Specials


1. Cable Car Chocolate - Cable car filled with an assortment of chocolate flavored nonfat froyo

2. Fudge Brownie Batter - Rich cocoa combined with vanilla frozen yogurt 

3. Java Caramel Cup Greek - Lowfat Greek frozen yogurt with creamy caramel and gourmet Java

4. Gelato Hazelnut - Chocolate hazelnut spread with the richness of heavy cream and whole milk


Froyo Small
Froyo Small
Six oz.
Froyo Medium
Froyo Medium
Ten oz.
Froyo Large
Froyo Large
Fourteen oz.
Frozen Yogurt Pie
Frozen Yogurt Pie
Frozen Yogurt Pie

For the diet conscious ones, Redberry’s ACTIVIA ® Frozen Yogurt with Bifidus Regularis ® is the best choice. Consuming an 8 ounce serving of Activia for 2 weeks can contribute a great deal to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Frozen Yogurt keeps your mouth smelling fresh

It contains good bacteria - probiotics that improve digestive health

Frozen Yogurt, with its high level of protein, aids in weight loss - keeping you full for a longer time

February 6th is National Frozen Yogurt Day

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